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TH Moy - Nimbu Leya
Beamy is a musician, songwriter & producer from Birmingham England.An artist on M-Sol Records.He has written many genres of music under many different names but is happiest writing, recording & producing Chillout under his present alias Beamy.
Dave Harrigan
Dave Harrigan  - has known the chillout world for more than 10 years. Its distinctive style and atmosphere have become its trademark over the years. In 2011, he launched his first mix series, Sunset Chill Session, which laid the foundation stone on his music career. Over the years, the style has changed, but the recipe (mixing of musical worlds) has not. His first track, Fade To Grey, was released in 2015.
Emiliano Cisneros, creator and mind behind the musical project EMMI BASSE.Borned in Tucumán, Argentina, he dedicates to merge sounds of house style with other subgenres of electronic music.Now a day, Emiliano is working on new productions as a musical scout of "Inti Rhythms Projects" record label. Also, he is the resident DJ of "Boris" restobar, where tales place the unique and active electronic music cycle in the region. This cycle -which is starting its second season this year- is organized every Friday, with the participation of talented local and national DJs.Besides being a DJ and producer of electronic music, he is also a musician, bassist, art producer and songwriter.
Esteban Ikasovic
Esteban Ikasovic - Dj and music producer, Artist of the following labels: The Soundgarden, Future Avenue, AH Digital, One Of A Kind, LW Recordings, Symmetric Records, Freegrant Music, Mistique Music, Magnitude Recordings, Strangers Beats, Clinique Sampler, BQ Recordings, Superordinate Music, Stellar Fountain, BC2.Born in Olavarria, Buenos Aires. Since childhood, his father, Robert, motivated him with his musical tastes and preferences. Among his favourite bands and musicians were Pink Floyd, Queen, Kraftwerk, The Alan Parsons Project, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, some of which have been responsible of awakened Esteban passion for music. When he was 14 years old, he started to learn to play the guitar. After some years, he decided on electronic music, mixing it for his friends in private parties and pubs. Some referents such as Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Luke Fair, Henry Saiz, Guy J, Nick Waren influenced him to begin his career as Dj. The ¨House¨ and the ¨Progressive-House¨ started to be part of his characteristic sound, full of beautiful melodies and powerful lows. His initial performances were in events such as Rewind, Azul Summer Festival, Mojo Olavarria, Henry, Bonsifest and others regional parties, sharing booth with different artists such as Facundo Mohr, Marcelo Vasami, Paul Deep (AR), DJ Paul, Sebastian Busto, Sebastian Alonso and others national DJ´s.
Igor Rodrigues
Born in the capital of São Paulo, in love with
urbanism and the sustainable, involved with the art of music in the middle of his first decade of life, self-taught, studies instruments such as
classical guitar, guitar, double bass and percussion. His first contact with electronic music in 2010 was
passion at first sight! Their light and deep sets tell beautiful stories with basslines and harmonies followed by progressions of
chords. Founder of (Concept Observe & Absorb-0&A), podcast
created with the intention of bringing together the art of music and
Architecture. Igor Rodrigues has toured in large houses, clubs, parties in SP, such as: Clash Club, Freak House, Listen Showcase, Escape, interference, electronic potato, LIVE TIME, ENCYCLOPEDIA, Evolve project, Modullar Collective,
Music [ + ], Groove Session, Intervene, Sahara, Anoka.
Jake Bugajski
Jake Bugajski, founder of Botanica Podcast on SoundCloud, which was created in 2021. Born and raised in Poland. Enthusiast of organic sounds combined with afro house, chillout and downtempo. Currently majority of time keeps him occupied producing music in SØMA duo which was debuting in BE ADULT MUSIC label.
Jason Blane
Jason Blane, originally from the UK, spent some time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and now loving life in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
Jason loves of most things house, afro, deep, minimal and progressive, but nothing too heavy, however he have a deep-rooted passion for organic sounds, especially something with piano. He loves to create seamless soulful harmonies and uplifting journeys with beautiful melodies and natural sounds.
JORDY has a few words about himself and the podcast:Hello To All Musiclover! I Am JORDY, I'm from Hungary. Music is Allways part of my life many styles, but 2 years something has changed Me. I want to say everyone when you not have a good day a good life ---FIND YOURSELF---MELODIC, DEEP, ORGANIC, PROGRESSIVEThese 4 Styles You found in my Mixes. I Hope You Enjoy it.Just love Music & Nature
Joshep Dorfmeister
Joshep Dorfmeister is a musical selector, based in Punta Del Este (Uruguay), who is inspired by beach environments such as Ibiza, Tulum, Formentera and Punta del Este, among many others.
Founder of Chillout Café podcast. His style is eclectic and versatile, remembering with appreciation moments of musical history from past and present eras always with a fresh look.
Julia Motruk
Maxim. A
Maxim was born and lives in France.He is passionate about music of all kinds and is a vinyl fetishist. He has been defending and supporting underground labels and artists for more than 15 years, returning all its nobility to music.«Quite discreet in everyday life, my mixes are when they impregnated with minimal flavors and Jazzy sounds mixing Deep, House and Techno»
Mike Ferron (Mike's Music World)
Mike long time music discoverer, collector, and mix creator.  He loves most styles of music, but have tended to focus on chillout and related genres over the past several years.  Mike’s recent mixes reflect elements of many influences:  chilled beats, chillout, lounge, downtempo, Balearic, chill house, dub, ambient, jazz, exotic world music rhythms, electronica, psychill, and trip-hop among others.
“I try to create unique, memorable mixes, and although they may vary from one to the next, I hope you enjoy listening and find them worth coming back to again & again.”
Reli Capelo
Reli Capelo  - is London based DJ and Producer Reli about himrself: "Just another artist, creating my own version of sound, come check me out"
Born in the South of the Netherlands and started as DJ in 2001. From 2002 till 2018, when he collaborated as a DJ duo Lance & Donny, he organized his own famous beach events in Holland called Natural High! They have been alongside some big names like Gene Farris (USA), Phil Weeks (FR), Random Soul (AUS) and many more. Since 2018 after great years of working together they decided to stop playing as a DJ Duo and Soulfuel was born.As a DJ you’ll always find him in the DJ-booth creating the Soulfuel chemistry which results in a unique blend of lounge, chillout/downtempo and deephouse music with soul, funk and jazz influences. He spends a lot of time handpicking tracks to make sure the crowd has the best experience possible. Whatever the venue: from a Michelin restaurant to a beachclub or even a festival, Soulfuel has got it covered. Over the years he’s played in many different spots like Amsterdam Dance-Event (ADE), XO Festival, Jazz-a-Delic, FoodFest and the BayBar beachclub in Ibiza.Soulfuel has been specialized in fine dining & terrace DJ as well. He plays at different restaurants and (beach)bars, where every time he enlightens his playground with his unique style of storytelling. He was one of the residents for the past 5 years in the Blueness Bar. Now he is one of the DJ’s at Yalo Hotel Ghent (BE) and Bar Forty Nine Cadzand-Bad(NL).In addition to this, he can now be heard every first Saturday of the month on 7kilowatte radio station. Time to Fuel Your Soul!
Sven Köhler
Musician, producer, inspirer.
The author of the project of the radio station 7Kilowatte Radio Station.
There should be two things in music - an idea and a pitch.

Listen, feel, enjoy!
Zabi Xavi
Zabi about himself:I've lived my life as a symphony of melodies and rhythms, finding my voice in the strings of instruments from a young age. I resonated with the core of electronic beats, growing through the euphoric highs of trance and the deep grooves of techno. Now, my heart lies in the rich, earthy tones of organic house. My ear is finely tuned to this genre, and I carefully select artists who tell unique stories through their music. Each set I create is a labor of love, weaving tracks that are felt, not just heard. When you tune into my online sets, you're not just listening to music; you're embarking on a soulful exploration of electronic sound. It's more than a set; it's a journey. In this world, every beat is a heartbeat, every mix a tapestry of memories. Join me in this odyssey of sound, where organic house is not just a genre, it's a home.